Using Oak Beams UK Style

The use of oak beams is one that has been attracting the attention of architects and builders since medieval times. There are a number of reasons for this – but chief among these is the fact that it is both aesthetically pleasing and also has superior load bearing capacity – and in certain places in the world it is (or at least was) readily available. Today oak remains one of the most popular building materials on the face of the planet. The popularity of oak beams UK has never been higher for instance in part this is because of the increasing interest in decor styles that harken back to a simpler, more rustic time.

However care should be taken to ensure that the oak beams UK style that are purchased are of the best quality and are suitable for building purposes – and will keep any costs within budget. For these reasons most people who are considering using oak for building purposes will fist consider green oak rather than air dried oak. Air dried oak is simply too expensive due to the lengthy time that it takes to dry – even if a kiln is used in the drying process. Even the kiln dried oak may not be suitable for building use as the fast dry process leads to the wood beams developing weaknesses that make it unsuitable for building use.

Green oak beams on the other hand are much easier to work than air dried oak and considerably cheaper. It is also just as strong as dried oak and many architects enjoy the patina that it gathers as it dries, giving it a personality that reflects the building that it is used in. There are also many that believe the joints that are aprt of building with oak will be stronger in green oak – and become stronger as time goes on.

Whichever oak choice you make you will be assured that the material that you are working with will lend an air of sophistication and warmth to your home.