Do you understand what all falls under the field of family law in the state of Florida? While many people have a very general idea of what a family law attorney deals with, many of them don’t really know the specifics. If you find yourself in need of family law Jacksonville FL¬†attorneys, it is important to understand exactly what you’re looking for because there are many different types of cases that fall under that family law umbrella.

Revolving Around Children
There are several aspects of family law that revolve around children. This includes custody during the divorce, visitation rights, switching or challenging legal guardianship, alimony payments regarding child support and more. In fact, even many cases revolving around the adoption process are considered family law.

However, you want to make sure to have an experienced attorney for your specific type of case. There is a huge difference between an attorney who handles mostly adoptions and those were used to fighting contentious custody battles.

You don’t want to find yourself with the wrong one.

Divorce & Annulment Cases
These are another important type of family law case that gets tried in the city of Jacksonville all the time. When you are looking for the best family law Jacksonville Florida attorneys who handle divorce and annulment cases, you will need to do some serious research (especially since attorney-client confidentiality can make research much harder for lawyers compared to other businesses) but if you really do down there you will find certain names will come up again and again as some of the best in the city for handling the same type of case you are looking at.

While most of the cases that family law Jacksonville Florida attorneys handle will fall under one of these two particular areas, there are a few exceptional ones that will also fall under this umbrella. However if you’re dealing with the practice that focuses on family law and advertises for that, chances are they have a specific attorney can make sure you’re in good hands.