Avoid These Video Production Mistakes

Whether using videos on social media or TV ads, it can help drive sales and branding. With that, it is essential to ensure that you are fully utilizing your video’s capabilities. Here are the five mistakes that everyone should avoid during video production.

1. No Clear Target Audience

Many businessmen believe the saying, “the more, the merrier.” However, in reality, quantity is not enough as quality matters as well. Although it looks impressive to see huge numbers of audience, especially, when you are checking the reach and likes of the video post on social media, sadly, only a few of them are the right target.

Before launching a campaign, the marketing department along the creatives should know who are their target audience before setting a specific number of target.

2. Vague Call-to-Action/Call-to-Action

Creating a call-to-action copy seems easy. However, if it is too plain or has no powerful words leaves viewers hanging and confused, thus making the visuals useless. Cliff-hangers may work in movie endings, but not on corporate or marketing videos. It will only work if the objective is already clear, or if the company already has established brand awareness.

3. Not Checking the Equipment Before the Video Shoot

Most of the time, students commit this mistake, but sadly, even the professionals. One of the significant responsibilities in video production is making time to conduct routine equipment maintenance and check on the equipment before the shoot. If you are renting equipment, make sure to test and check before leaving the rental center.

4. Too Technical Script

Although technical terms are required for tech products/services, it is still important to ensure that the copy is easy to understand in the eyes of the majority audience. If it sounds too technical, it won’t entice a broad target audience.

5. Rush Editing

Tight timelines are the main reason why video producers rush the editing process. Whatever the outcome of the finished video, having the official product means there’s no turning back and it will be judged by the client. Usually, the results of the rush editing process are several mistakes and forgotten small issues.

Editing plays an important role in videography and must be done right. To avoid rushing, take note all the deadlines and always check your calendar so you can plan ahead.